Business Rescue

Need a business consultant? Or  Business Rescue?!

Why should Companies (or CC’s) consider Business Rescue?

  • Business Rescue is the logical alternative to winding up or liquidation – less stress, drama and prejudice.
  • Affordable.
  • Simpler and faster processes.
  • Temporary moratorium from legal steps by creditors. Provides the Business Rescue practitioner and company management breathing space to plan the way forward.
  • Unsecured creditors are more likely to recover some (if not all) of their claims as compared to liquidation.
  • Business Rescue saves jobs, creates salaries, taxes and eventually profits going forward.
  • Used in most industrialised nations – it’s the new international buzzword.
  • If the business has clear future prospects of creating positive cash flows (excluding the effect of servicing existing debts) and creditors stand to gain more from business rescue than from liquidation, those same creditors are very likely to support the business rescue plan.
  • Business Rescue can be considered and implemented even when the company is in provisional liquidation.

Why should a business owner/manager consider an independent Consultant?

  • To help its managers achieve their full potential.
  • No man (or woman!) is an island.
  • It’s OK to admit you don’t know it all!
  • Learn from other’s costly mistakes.

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